Beard Envy

Beard grooming is a modern-day staple. Gone are days where you just grow out your beard without any maintenance. Unless you’re going for the all-too-fashionable wizard’s beard, we have a few tips to keep you looking sharp while maintaining your rugged look.

Patience Grasshopper

You have to be able to grow your beard and get some length first before you style it. Leave it untouched for about 6 weeks. Trust us, this is the hardest part. It’s like not picking at your sunburn. Discipline is key.

A Beardly Face

The shape of your beard should match the shape of your face.

Square and Round Faces: Long chin and shorter sides.
Rectangle Face: Sides fuller and the bottom shorter.
Oval Face: You’re in the middle bub. Most styles work well.

Trim it up

You’ll need some tools in your medicine cabinet.
You’ll need a comb for detangling, some high-grade clippers for trimming and some nice sharp hair scissors for detailing.
And last but not least, some beard oil to keep your bead soft and healthy!

Wash it regularly

This is super important step. Food and hair can make your face itch. A great general wash for this is our Dual Power Men’s Body Wash and Shampoo. Once you’re done, gently pat dry.

Oil and Lube

More beard oil! We can’t stress this enough. You need to condition it and keep it tame. It’s basically a hungry lion and your beard will go back to it’s natural ways unless you keep it in check. Twice a day is a good start!

Training Day

Trimming it to maintain your chosen beard shape is a must. Use your comb or beard brush to straighten your hair, training them to grow in your desired direction. If you build it, they will come.