Easy Mens Grooming Tips | Grooming For The Modern Man

If you’re ready to move beyond washing your face with the same product you used in the 1990’s, but are not sure about the next steps up from that, let us help you. We’ve put together some easy men’s grooming tips for guys who want great-looking skin, but are not sure how to get there. And don’t worry…. We’re not going to tell you to commit an hour every morning to your routine. We’re all about getting some high quality grooming into your regimen, without wasting your time.

#1 Washing your face: the details

Ok so “wash your face” sounds like a tip you give a 4 year old… not advice that needs to be given in a list of easy grooming tips for men, but we’re talking about the specifics here. Since you’re going to wash your face anyway, let’s look at how to make that as useful and efficient as possible. We recommend you wash your face twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. More importantly, wash with a high quality product made with premium, natural ingredients. That way you’re letting the product do the hard work. This is a step that takes 1 - 2 minutes max. You wet your face with warm water, put a little face wash into your hand, lather it up, and rub into your face in circles. Then rinse it off well. If you’re not sure how much product to use, picture the size of a quarter. roduct recommendation for washing your face: Daily Power Scrub Men’s Facial Cleaner. Check it out here. Benefits of washing your face the right way?

  • Reduce oil
  • Unclog pores
  • Remove sweat
  • Help prevent the signs of aging

#2 Moisturize: quick, easy, and super helpful

Moisturizing is a step that a lot of guys forget about. If you’re going to add one additional step after washing your face, this is a great one. First of all, it’s an incredibly quick and easy grooming tip. We’re talking one product, 30 seconds, and done. It sounds like an easy grooming tip, and it is, but at Rugged & Dapper we went one step further: we combined our moisturizer with an aftershave, so you get 2 steps in 1. Check out our Age + Damage Defense moisturizer. Benefits of moisturizing with our Age + Damage Defense Moisturizer?

  • First line of defense against wrinkles
  • Soothes post-shave irritation
  • Saves you time by combining an after-shave with a moisturizer in one product

Get more info here

#3 Once a week - commit to the mask

This grooming tip is going to require that you commit 15- 20 minutes once or twice a week, but it’s so worth it. We’re talking about a men’s facial mask. And while 20 minutes may sound like a long time for skin care, keep something in mind: you have about 2 minutes of work, and the rest of the time you can do your normal house-stuff like checking email, putting load of laundry on, or watching the news. A facial mask is a grooming tip that most guys may not know about, but the guys that do… they’re hooked. Recommended product: a detoxifying mineral clay mask that is great for all skin types. Learn more here. Benefits of a good clay mask?

  • Penetrates deep into the skin to eliminate impurities
  • Fights breakouts
  • Controls excess oil, reducing shine

When you’re ready to feel what a clay mask does for your skin, and why we’ve got a lot of repeat buyers, here’s what you’ll do: wash your face; dry your face; smooth some clay mask all over your face; leave it alone for 10 - 20 minutes; wash it off. Truly it’s an easy and worthwhile grooming tip for men looking to take their routine up a notch, without spending hundreds of dollars on complicated products with multiple steps.

#4 Looking tired? Here’s what to do

If work, family, or anything else is getting in the way of your ideal 8 hours of sleep each night, you may have telltale signs of looking sleepy. And even if you are getting enough sleep, as we age most of us start to see darker circles under our eyes. There’s a quick way to combat those: an eye cream. Many women have learned the benefits of eye creams, but there’s no reason this important grooming product should be gender-specific. Men are just as likely to start seeing aging on their faces, which can add to looking tired, and an eye cream is the best way to treat this skin. Benefits of eye cream for men?

  • Diminishes puffiness under the eyes
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Defends against fine lines and wrinkles

Product recommendation: Age Defense | Men’s Eye Complex. Get the details here. Bonus tip: The name ‘eye cream’ may justifiably lead you believe this product is only for your eyes. But it’s actually great on your forehead and cheek area, as well as around and under your eyes. You’ll want to skip your eyelids though. Use eye cream by dabbing it on before your moisturizer each morning or evening.

#5 Worried about aging skin? Exfoliate.

When you’re 25 years old, you generally have no sense of what getting older will do to your skin. It’s not until most guys are in their late 30s or 40s that they start to wonder what grooming tips there are for men who want to slow down the signs of aging. As we age, our skin loses some elasticity, we can battle dry or oily skin, and start to see fine lines or wrinkles. Our favorite easy men’s grooming tip for combating aging skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation involves the removal of the top layers of skin cells. This allows for newer, younger skin cells to come to the surface. And if you’re young enough that you don’t think you have to worry about the signs of aging? That’s a great time to start exfoliating… you can be a step ahead of the curve when it comes to how your skin looks. If you’re at the point where you do not want to add one more step to your skin care regimen, we’ve got good news. While some exfoliators are stand-alone products, we love the idea of a combo here. We’ve got a facial wash with exfoliating ingredients, which means that you exfoliate naturally, every time you wash your face. If this level of ease is right up your alley, check out our Daily Power Scrub Men’s Facial Wash. Benefits of exfoliating?

  • Targets oil deep in the skin
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Smoothes skin

Overall, our tip for men looking for easy grooming advice is: get products that work for you. The right products will make any step in your skincare regimen easy and worthwhile. But the wrong products? Those are going to get in the way of your healthiest skin, no matter how hard you work. Rugged & Dapper men’s products are made from premium, natural, and organic ingredients. We’ve got the right combination of gentle and tough in each of our products, formulated specifically for men’s skin.