The Rugged & Dapper Los Angeles Guide

We were gonna start this off with a joke about LA’s traffic (read every other LA guide on the internet), but Rugged & Dapper was born and raised right here in Los Angeles so it doesn’t really bother us. Maybe we’re numb to it all or maybe we see the bigger picture. We’ve never shoveled snow, like ever, and we don’t own jackets.

The food scene is actually bearable now, there are some great bars popping up and while we’d like to think there aren’t any Yankee’s fans in sight, go to a Dodger game when they are in town and you’ll soon realize that LA is this beautiful amalgamation of culture, with trendy neighborhoods and quiet hideaways and lots of beautiful, beautiful people.

So here’s the first edition of a collective guide from a group of guys who have lived in LA their entire life. We aren’t transplants who took two semesters at UCLA before deciding to become an actor. You’ll likely see us at any one of these places on a weeknight because we try and avoid all the people from Orange County on the weekends.

LA's best bars

If we said Skybar, we would be leading you astray. That’s where we send German tourists from Yelp. Here’s are a couple of nice spots that make exceptional cocktails.

The Varnish is a rare downtown speakeasy that you won’t hate. Mixologists (is this a respected career path now?) handcraft custom cocktails at this dark, moody speakeasy hidden behind Cole's bar. We recommend the bartender’s choice. Tell them what you like and they will make you the perfect drink. Call an Uber now.

The Varnish

118 E 6th St.
Los Angeles, 90014
(213) 265-7089

The Walker Inn is a cozy, hidden bar & lounge inside Hotel Normandie offering an omakase-style cocktail. Cocktails run upwards of $20, and reservations for one of its few tables should be made weeks in advance. This is a very LA thing, so while you might be turned off, we think it’s worth it.

The Walker Inn

3612 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 263-2709

LA’s best museums

While most men may think “museums are dumb and a total waste of time,” we beg to differ. There are great place to switch things up and if the weather is bad, which it rarely is, it’s a good way to do something without really doing anything.

The Broad is a downtown mecca of contemporary art boasting two Infinity Mirror Rooms by Yayoi Kusama, as well as modern masterpieces by Roy Lichtenstein, Cindy Sherman and Jeff Koons. If you like cars (duh), then a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum is a good call. Conveniently located in Miracle Mile, this museum has over 150 cars on display. Vin Diesel not included.

The Broad

221 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles

Petersen Automotive Museum

6060 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles

Some really great food!

Smorgasburg LA

Every Sunday, ROW DTLA presents Smorgasburg LA, a cornucopia of food vendors, craft beer brewers, pop-ups, vintage clothing, art, design, and weird hippie vendors. From doughnuts to falafel tacos to fried chicken sandwiches, you’ll find a haven for your taste buds. And you can get day drunk while your friends go shopping for soaps and stuff.

Smorgasburg LA
785 Bay St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
(718) 928-6603

Triple Beam Pizza

We know it’s in Highland Park (yes it’s a scene, no we don’t care). Triple Beam is from the people behind Pizzeria Mozza (some of the best pizza on the West Coast), so ya, it’s good. Very low-key and order-at-the-counter type place with fantastic pizza and lines out the door.

5916 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 545-3534


Tacos always in all ways. This former Frogtown auto body shop has been transformed into a rad outdoor spot for Mexican barbecue, tacos, margaritas on tap and micheladas. Parking is terrible, but after two Mezcal cocktails you won’t care.

2490 Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039