Best Men's Face Wash For Oily Skin

Hey guys - do you have oily skin? You’re not alone. So often women hear about oily skin advice… washes to treat it, lotions to stop it, makeup to cover it, powder to hide it, and so on. But there’s a lot less good info (not to mention good products) out there for men dealing with oily skin.

At Rugged & Dapper we’re committed to not only getting you the right skin care products, but also the right education.

So today we’ll give you the lowdown on what oily skin really is, how to treat it, and how you guys can figure out what is the best men’s face wash for oily skin. There are some products that can actually make your skin worse, and we’ll tell you why that is. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out our first section of oily skin education before you jump down to the bottom to learn about our oily skin face wash recommendation.

Men’s Oily Skin 101

What is oily skin?

Oily skin is basically what it sounds like. It’s what makes your face looks shiny. Some people with oily skin also have larger pores. A pore is a tiny opening in your skin, and if you have large pores, they can get clogged more easily which makes them even more visible. Oily skin is easy to see, and can be a real pain to get rid of.

What causes oily skin?

So here’s the deal: your body makes oil and that’s a good thing. If you want to get technical for a minute, that oil is called sebum. You need this sebum to keep the skin on your face soft. Some people don’t have enough oil, and they end up with dry skin which is a whole other issue. But for some guys, their bodies makes more oil than they need. This leads to an oily look to your face, and a higher risk of acne.

What determines if you get oily skin?

If you listen to a lot of moms, oily skin is caused by eating too much pizza and bar food. But while food counts, there are two big factors we think about:

  • The first is genetics. There’s no way around this one… if you inherited genes that are predisposing you to oily skin, that’s one strike against you in the oily skin battle.
  • The second issue is hormones. This one is a little more variable than genetics, because hormones change through your life. Some guys may have had really oily skin in high school, but that does not mean they will as adults. Plenty of men who had oily skin through adolescence, have normal skin now. Other guys aren’t as lucky, and their tendency to have oily skin is here to stay.
Man Using Mens Face Wash

Will oily skin cause skin problems?

You know oily skin is annoying. But a little extra oil isn’t going to cause any problems… right? Is oily skin just a shiny face? Not exactly. Oily skin can cause major acne. So if you see people struggling with pimples into their 30s and 40s, it’s likely those are made worse by oily skin. The problem is that oil can clog pores which leads to acne. It’s a really tough cycle to break.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on oily skin, let’s get to the solution:

How can I stop oily skin?

You can’t stop your body from making the oil that you see on your face. What you can do, is stop that oil from coming to the surface in excess amounts. The most important way to combat oily skin is also one of the easiest: pick the best men’s face wash for oily skin.

What makes a good men’s face wash for oily skin?

If you’ve stopped and looked at the face wash aisle in the drug store lately, you know it’s overwhelming. Besides, picking a men’s face wash because it’s on sale or has a good color on it’s label, is not going to get rid of oily skin. Here’s what you want to be looking for:

  • A powerful cleanser. Remember, you need something to deal with clogged pores and too much oil.
  • Vitamins & minerals: these are not just good for your diet. Vitamins and minerals can also be found in good men’s face washes, and the right combination will help reduce the size of pores and reduce the appearance of oil on your face.
  • Ability to penetrate. Here’s the thing: if a face wash for oily skin only cleans the oil off the surface of your skin, you’re going to be looking good for about an hour or two. If you want your skin to look good for longer than that, you need a face wash that is strong enough to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, and attack oil there.

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Best Men's Face Wash For Oily Skin

Is there a way to avoid oily skin in the long term?

The best way to reduce oily skin in the long term is with a solid face washing routine, with the right products. This may include face wash for oily skin, the right moisturizer, and sometimes an exfoliant. How often should you use your face wash? We recommend washing your face twice a day with a men’s face wash for oily skin.

Beyond the right face products, there are other steps you can take to reduce oily skin in the longer term too:

  • Eat well. A healthy diet is good for more than your muscles - it’s great for your skin as too.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water can do a lot for your skin.
  • Choose oil-free sunscreen.
  • Read product labels. Be on the lookout for alcohol. Alcohol on your face can cause trouble. This is an especially common ingredient in after-shave or other skin products. These will likely make oily skin worse, so look for quality over a cheap brand.

Are face washes really that different? What can happen if I use a men’s face wash that is not designed to treat my skin?

The reality is that not every man has oily skin. There are some guys that can wash their face with anything, and they’ll look fine. (Sidebar: this ‘anything’ they’re washing their faces with may not have very good long term results, but there are even more immediate issues for a man with oily skin.) Not only can using the wrong face wash aggravate your skin, promote excess oil production, and lead to clogged pores, it can put your skin into a cycle of getting worse and worse.

If you wash your face with a product that is not formulated to feed and protect your skin, you risk flare ups instead of rugged cleansing combined with the soothing treatment your skin needs.

When oily skin is not treated correctly, there are long-term effects including increased oiliness, increased clogged pores, and acne breakouts that are difficult to combat. Instead of risking a frustrating battle with the skin on your face, choose a men’s face wash that is formulated to work. You can have a skin care routine that is fast and efficient, AND gives your skin the treatment it needs.