Why A Skincare Regimen Is Essential For Men

As a gentleman, taking care of your skin is single handedly one of the most important things you can do for your appearance. The days of quickly washing your face with a bar of soap and taking off for the day have come to an end.

Without a daily skincare routine, everyday factors will speed up spots of aging, skin damage, breakouts, and even the formation of wrinkles. In order to maintain those good looks & a fresh mug, healthy skin is the first step. Lets remember- your face is your moneymaker, and it won’t take care of itself.

Contrary to most beliefs, keeping your skin up to par doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. Rugged & Dapper has made this simple by putting together a 3-step Daily Regimen, crafted specifically for men, in order to help combat the signs of aging with high quality, all natural and organic ingredients. 

By following the 3-step process on a regular basis, your skin can become noticeably healthier and protected. All it takes are a few effortless steps. Here it is, gents:

STEP 1:  Cleanse + Exfoliate + Tone

Wet face and hands with warm water. Apply a quarter size amount to the palm of your hand. Work the cleanser into a lather and massage all over your face and neck in circular motions. This can be used once or twice a day, in the morning before shaving and at night before going to bed.

STEP 2: Treat + Combat Problematic Skin

The mineral clay mask  is very power and should NOT be used on a daily basis. Once or twice a week at most. For gentlemen with oily skin, aim for a ‘weekly double shot.’ Apply a thin even layer all over, avoiding eyes and mouth areas. Simply leave it on for 10-20 minutes and rinse throughly with warm water. Gently pat skin dry.

STEP 3: Heal + Hydrate

Place one to two (or more, if needed) into the palm of your hand and massage into your clean face and neck. Dry skin may need a little more while more oily complexions will require less. Use in the morning after taking a shower or shaving and in the evening to keep your face looking dapper.

It’s that easy. Keep an eye out for our latest skincare tutorial video showing the specifics on how simple it is to integrate our 3-step Daily Regimen into your morning or evening routine. Let’s face it; a sense of style can only help mask blemishes for so long. Invest a little bit of time towards your personal grooming - up your game!