Ride or Die

The Most Dangerous and Best Roads for Bikers

We know that just being on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles during rush hour is probably the most dangerous ride of all, cue the 30 Prius drivers all on their cell phones, but we’ve put together a few a list of our favorite, most dangerous rides across the US.

Tunnel of Trees – Harbor Springs, Michigan

A 25 mile stretch of some nice curves called the M-119 Tunnel of Trees. The trees create a canopy on both sides of the road so it feels like you’re racing through the depths of Mordor escaping Sauron. With some nice views of lake Michigan, you’ll want to go during the Fall, you won’t regret it.

Beartooth Highway – Montana

Full of zigzags, super curves and switchbacks, Beartooth Highway peaks at 11,000 feet and it’s one of those experiences where your balls are in your stomach the entire time. You fully get wind-battered; so it’s a good idea to bring your Rugged & Dapper dopp bag, think chap stick and moisturizer. You’ll be thanking us at the end of the 70-mile ride.

Pacific Coast Highway

I mean, of course we have to post the obligatory PCH ride. While we can all complain about Californian vegans (don’t get us started), we are truly thankful for this ride. Honestly, just do it at least once. Take a weekend and go LA to San Francisco and tell me you haven’t fallen in love with California. Have a burger for us at R G Burgers in Monterey and don’t forget to tell a vegan about it when you get to San Francisco.